Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is allowed on Prior Lake and no Permit is needed.

  • Scuba divers must have a legally conforming diving flag present at the dive site at all times.No more than four divers per flag and all divers must stay within 50 feet of the flag.
    • The diver’s flag may be displayed on a watercraft or float or be anchored to the bottom. The top of the flag must be at least 30 inches above the surface.
    • Diving flags may not be placed in an area that obstructs navigation.
  • Boats must stay 150 feet away from the flag/diving area.
  • Divers may not be in possession of a fishing spear.

For more information on scuba diving, please see page 42 of the MN Boating Guide

Please Enjoy Prior Lake Respectfully and Safely!