No Wake Zones

No wake speed is generally defined as driving less than 5 mph or “closed throttle” – driving in gear with no added throttle and creating no visible wake.

New For 2017: No inflatable water devices such as air mattresses, inner tubes, or similar water toys can be towed through ANY no wake channels.

No Wake Channels and Bays: Several water channels and bays on Prior Lake are no wake zones and are clearly and visibly marked by the Sheriff’s Department with orange and white no wake buoys. Tampering with, moving, or damaging any navigational buoy is a crime.

No Wake Along Shorelines: Prior Lake has a perpetual (constant) no wake zone along ALL shorelines; you must have no wake when you are within 150 feet of shore.  Those launching or landing a person on water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, or barefoot are exempt from this rule but must exit the no wake (or slow to no wake speed) zone in the most direct and safe route possible.

Some lake shore residents choose to mark the 150 foot shoreline no wake zone with floating orange markers. Regardless of orange markers, the 150 foot no wake zone remains around the entire lake.  Residents may purchase marker buoys privately but they must obtain a permit from the Sheriff’s department. Link to permit app:

High Water No Wake:

If the water level of Prior Lake reaches 903.9 feet above sea level, the ENTIRE LAKE becomes a no wake zone. Violation of this ordinance results in a $500 fine. Public accesses will be posted with this restriction should it take effect. The entire lake will remain a no wake zone until the water level has fallen below 903.9 for 3 consecutive days. Please click on this link to check the current lake level:

Other Regulations Involving No Wake Zones:

No inflatable water devices such as air mattresses, inner tubes, or similar water toys can be used more than 150 feet from shore unless accompanied by a watercraft.

All swimmers more than 150 from shore must be escorted by a watercraft.

For more information from the City of Prior Lake, please visit:

For the complete Minnesota Boating Regulation Guide:

Please Enjoy Prior Lake Respectfully and Safely!