Aquatic Invasive Species

Prior Lake is home to several invasive species (including Zebra mussels and Eurasian water milfoil) and not following the regulations below can result in up to $500 fine.

BEFORE leaving any lake access:

  • Remove all weeds from boat and trailer
  • Drain bilge and bait containers.
  • Leave bilge plugs out when leaving the lake and transporting your water craft. Also make sure to put them back before re-entering another body of water. Sinking your boat can be quite expensive!
  • Dispose of all unused bait in the garbage. It is illegal to release live bait into any water body or transport it to another lake.
  • Any dock, boat lift, swim platform or other related equipment removed from Prior Lake (or any other Minnesota body of water) must not be placed in another body of water for 21 days.

For more information on Invasive Species:

Please Enjoy Prior Lake Respectfully and Safely!

Prior Lake Association