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Prior Lake Green Water Update – What Lakeshore Residents Need to Know

Upper Prior Lake_fall 2016_green


By: Steven Reinders (PLA Board), Jamie Rockney and Kathryn Keller-Miller (Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District)


Late summer algae blooms on Upper Prior Lake created excessively green, unswimmable, and potentially unhealthy lake conditions in 2016 (see photo at right). The underlying cause of this problem is complicated and the following is a summary of why this could be happening and what is being done to address the problem.

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Prior Lake Water (Summer 2016)

upper vs lower water comparison

Water from Lower Prior (left) & Upper Prior (right) from Summer 2016


filter discs upper (left) vs lower (right)

Filter disk from Upper Prior (left) & Lower Prior (right)

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