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Trestle bridge and Dam 1938


Tressle Bridge _ Dam

This picture from 1938 shows the wood stave channel under the trestle with riprap rock to stop the erosion of the railroad fill. In 1940’s this was a popular walk from uptown to view the welcome return of the lake.

A picture of water flowing from upper Prior Lake to lower Prior Lake. This was built so that the sides would not cave in and dam up the lake.


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Muskrat Love??? DNR Rules for Trapping and Removal of Nuisance Muskrats


Muskrats can cause significant damage to shorelines and watercraft as well as spread disease. This is a summary of the DNA rules for trapping and removal of these pesky vermin.

-If the Muskrat is a nuisance and is causing damage to private property, it can be legally trapped by the PROPERTY OWNER without a permit at any time during the year (no season).

-Trapping on property not owned by you requires a permit from the DNR and can only be done during Muskrat season which is 10/28/17 – 02/28/18.  This applies to private and commercial trapping.

-Traps set by the property owner can be baited and left in place 24 hours per day without removal but must be checked every day.

-Trapped Muskrats must be euthanized ON SITE unless a permit to move them to a different site has been obtained from the DNR. Hence, live Muskrats cannot be relocated to another location without a permit from the DNR.

-All trapped and euthanized Muskrats must be reported to the DNR. Easiest way to do this is to email our local DNR agent Chelsie Leuthaedt at

– It is illegal to poison Muskrats

– Since Prior Lake itself is with the city limits, it is illegal to use any firearms (including pellet and BB guns) to hunt Muskrats.

If you are looking for a commercial trapper to take care of your vermin problem:

Animal Damage Control, Dave Gullup 612-618-1679.

Suburban Wildlife Control, Shakopee 952-403-9923.


Steve Reinders, PLA

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Join the PLA! We’re Aiming for BLUE!

Join the PLA today and learn how you can help us preserve the beauty and protect the natural environment of Prior Lake. Our goal is to have a lake that is clean and safe for swimming, boating, skiing, and fishing; and to preserve it for future generations. We’re aiming for a cleaner, bluer lake. Join the PLA “BLUE CREW” – Together we can make a difference!


If you use the lake for any activity, or just appreciate it’s natural beauty, please consider joining the PLA. Membership is only $30 per year and you can join by clicking on the button in the side bar on our membership page.

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