Hi Water/No Wake Zone Update

‘Assuming that this is not a surprise to most members, but all of Prior Lake continues to be a no wake zone due to high water. As of 5:00 PM today, the lake level was 903.91 which is 0.12 inches (yes, 1/8 of an inch) over the high water mark of 903.90 feet above sea level. Please remember that the city will not lift the no wake restriction until THREE days after the lake falls below and stays below the 903.90 level. At least this isn’t in the middle of the summer!


So why is the lake level going down so slowly? Simple plumbing. Currently, the outlet structure is operating at maximum capacity and draining Prior Lake at approximately 55 cubic feet per second. This will lower the lake about one inch per day if no water is running into the lake. However, Spring lake continues to flow into Prior Lake at about 50 to 55 cfs so we are only draining as fast as we are filling. To put that in perspective, Spring Lake was raging into Prior at 230 cfs during the 2014 flood.  In regard to a dam being placed between Spring and Prior, studies after the flood showed the dam put in place at that time to be questionably effective and installing a dam during peak water flow would risk flooding on Spring Lake. Dam construction also requires lengthy permitting from the DNR as well as permission from Spring Lake shoreline residents. Let’s just hope for no massive rainstorms in the near future!

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