Muskrat Love??? DNR Rules for Trapping and Removal of Nuisance Muskrats


Muskrats can cause significant damage to shorelines and watercraft as well as spread disease. This is a summary of the DNA rules for trapping and removal of these pesky vermin.

-If the Muskrat is a nuisance and is causing damage to private property, it can be legally trapped by the PROPERTY OWNER without a permit at any time during the year (no season).

-Trapping on property not owned by you requires a permit from the DNR and can only be done during Muskrat season which is 10/28/17 – 02/28/18.  This applies to private and commercial trapping.

-Traps set by the property owner can be baited and left in place 24 hours per day without removal but must be checked every day.

-Trapped Muskrats must be euthanized ON SITE unless a permit to move them to a different site has been obtained from the DNR. Hence, live Muskrats cannot be relocated to another location without a permit from the DNR.

-All trapped and euthanized Muskrats must be reported to the DNR. Easiest way to do this is to email our local DNR agent Chelsie Leuthaedt at

– It is illegal to poison Muskrats

– Since Prior Lake itself is with the city limits, it is illegal to use any firearms (including pellet and BB guns) to hunt Muskrats.

If you are looking for a commercial trapper to take care of your vermin problem:

Animal Damage Control, Dave Gullup 612-618-1679.

Suburban Wildlife Control, Shakopee 952-403-9923.


Steve Reinders, PLA