Why Join the PLA?

The Prior Lake Association is a nonprofit organization which funds many activities on the lake such as the Fourth of July fireworks, boating safety clinics, family fishing contest, and several other events. Prior Lake Association also educates it members and recreational lake users on issues such as water quality, water surface usage rules, and other topics which affect all of those who enjoy time on Prior Lake.    

If you use the lake for any activity, or just appreciate it’s natural beauty, please consider joining the PLA. Membership is only $30 per year and you can join by clicking on the button in the side bar. You can also choose to donate to the PLA to support the Fourth of July fireworks show as well as other events and the PLA’s general mission. Thank you! 

Note: Following the link or clicking the buttons in the side bar allows you to donate using PayPal’s secure website. You can either use your PayPal account or pay with a credit or debit card.